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The post-war architecture so inherent in the construction of New Towns in Britain has come in for a lot of criticism. The perception is one of bland soulless uniform buildings with little cultural expression and few amenities or green spaces. Not so Milton Keynes, which if there were a blueprint for success in modern town planning and social engineering this would be it. Impressive leisure facilities adapted for modern living, well designed street plans and housing, and a location with incredibly well connected transport systems are notable characteristics of the town and the Milton Keynes hotels fit perfectly with this modernist utility-based ethic.

The town was built in order to relieve some of the living conditions in surrounding urban areas. The convenient location of the town, in north Buckinghamshire, is therefore no lucky accident and the cities of Birmingham, London, Leicester, Oxford, and Cambridge are all the same distance way and all accessible via efficient transport networks. There are no less than five train stations in the town and rail connections with both Luton and Birmingham Airports. The M1 which connects London with all points North is also close by. Milton Keynes hotels may take on a variety of forms but what they all have in common is that they will be easy to get to.

Perhaps the aspect of the town which most dispels New Town perceived wisdom is the amount of green spaces. There are over 20 million trees within numerous parks and gardens, over 100 miles of cycle path and walkways, and a canal waterway. Then there is the arts and culture of the town, celebrated within the open air National Bowl, which has a capacity for 65,000 people and hosts large scale events and concerts, and in the local Theatre, for which the booking rate ranks it amongst the most popular theatres in the country. Next to it is the Municipal Art Gallery and there are two further museums which are certainly worth a visit.

Live music is popular in the town and there are venues which host live performances covering a range of different musical genres from jazz and blues to folk, rock and more modern urban styles. Many of these venues are associated with Milton Keynes hotels, which often have lively bars and function spaces. Many hotels also provide function spaces for special celebrations such as weddings and for meetings and conferences. As a town which benefits from a good location with excellent transport links, business meetings are common and mostly hosted within the hotels in town.

Most modern hotels will offer a range of business oriented facilities and these are no exception. In addition to meeting and event spaces, they will often have computer areas and access to office equipment and services. Guest rooms and suites will invariably have work spaces and one thing which all hotels in town will certainly have is wireless internet since the entire town centre is a WiFi hot zone. Depending on the size and status of the hotel, other executive services may be available such as airport transfers and express check in.

There are historic attractions too and the villages on which the town was built, including, Wolverton, Stony Stratford and Bletchley are largely still in existence themselves. One of the major historical attractions is Bletchley Park, where the famous WWII German enigma code was cracked. It is possible therefore to find some historic Milton Keynes hotels in the form of traditional inns which will have all the appeal and character of such traditional establishments in tandem with homely accommodation, a local bar and some great pub food.